Land Use

Our goal is to allow you to achieve the highest and best use of your property by acquiring all necessary approvals and permits.


We can help you understand exactly what you need and how to get it.

  • Obtaining rezoning of single lots to large acreage tracts to achieve highest and best use of real property.
  • Obtaining site plan and subdivision approvals from local government staff, planning boards and town councils.
  • Obtaining Variances, Special Use Permits and Zoning Interpretations from Boards of Adjustment for residential and commercial projects gaining relief from height, setback, parking and signage requirements.
  • Obtaining Certificates of Appropriateness from Historic Districts Commissions.
  • Preparation of restrictive covenants and easement documents, including homeowner documents, slope, sidewalk, greenway and transit easements, and stormwater documents.
  • Assisting in navigating the local government approval process.
  • Comprehensive Plan analysis.
  • Obtaining reductions in real property valuations for tax purposes from County Revenue Departments and Boards of Equalization and Review and State Property Tax Commission.
  • Negotiating workouts and payment plans with County Revenue Departments; contesting garnishment actions.